10 complicated steps to create an app if you don’t use a mobile platform


10 complicated steps to create an app if you don’t use a mobile platform

Application development has become one of the most important needs for all business whether they are related to digital world or not.  Each application has to find its place among 2 million other applications. The creation of an application doesn’t happen overnight and you have to pay a fortune if you don’t use a mobile platform like t-appz because with t-appz you can create and put your mobile commerce app online in only 5 easy steps. If you want to create your application on your own, you have to establish a mobile strategy to think, analyze, create, develop and test before launch it in stores. Here are the 10 complicated steps to develop and to maintain an application;


1)Define a strategy

In order to define a strategy, you should find the answer to these questions:

  • What is the objective of my app?
  • Who is the target of my app?
  • Should I develop an app only for smartphone or tablet or for both? iOS, Android, Windows?
  • What is the most important part of an application compare to website or mobile website?

2) Deepen Your Concept

This is a kind of step that you draw the framework of your application. And also you should think about the ways helping you to achieve your goal. You have to do brainstorming to be clear on application’s concept and its functionalities.

3) Start Thinking about User Experience

Define your customers’ journey in the application, creating a simple and rapid path for them. You have to take two important points into consideration;

  • Give details to the workflows of the user experience
  • Draw the wireframes of the application screen

4) Planning your budget 

Be ready to pay a fortune!! You should establish your budget according to functionalities, user path, the complexity of the concept, the number of the platform etc.  This enables you to define a roadmap to evaluate future versions of your application.

5) Design

In order to create your application, you should respect to the design guidelines of the different operating system. The design is one the most important parts of which makes the application more visual and easy to use.

6)Measure the performance

Set up all the tags in order to track the performance and the statistics of your application. This table enables you to know and to find the weak spot of your application.

7) Development  

Now, everything is ready for the development! Your application is in the development phase. You have to find at least two or three professional developers to build and test your app.

8)Test test test!!!!

Your application is now developed but there is still one stage to go before launching your app. You have to test all the functionalities your application in order to avoid all the problems. Because of that reason your application should be tested on several different devices, screens, and operating systems such as iOS & Android in order to maximize the success chance.

9) Launch your app in stores

Your application has been tested and it is ready to take its place on stores. You have to put it online with shiny visuals, icons and descriptions that explain why your customers should download your app, what are the benefits, how can your application make their life easier etc.

10) What else?

The best case scenario your app will be downloaded by millions of your customer. Now you have to evaluate the performance of your application and do the several modifications needed, fix the bugs listening to your customers’ feedbacks.

OR use t-appz mobile commerce platform, create your m-commerce app in only 5 clicks. 

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