5 Incredible Ways to Optimize Conversions for Mobile Commerce

5 Incredible Ways to Optimize Conversions for Mobile Commerce

Think about what you’ve done today.  You probably used the alarm on your smartphone to wake up, checked your social media apps, checked your diary, reconfirmed a meeting, looked at the weather, measured your steps on your morning walk and now you’re probably on your way to work.  You either have your laptop with you, or your phone, or both.  At some point in the day, you’re going to also do some online shopping.

You’ll also, and we pretty sure you recognize yourself here, done some online banking, bought a pair of shoes or ordered your groceries. It’s how the world works today.  Its called electronic commerce, e-commerce, and almost everyone in the world with access to a smartphone does commercial transactions via the Internet.  You’ve probably already used Mobile Commerce Apps today without even knowing you’ve used them.  I know I have!

Here are 5 brilliant things you didn’t yet know about M-Commerce Applications.

1) You need an M-Commerce application

If you have a business, any business where you sell or buy, you need to understand e-commerce apps and if you want to keep up with the digital times and the online revolution, you need to understand M-Commerce and M-commerce apps.

M-commerce, mobile commerce, is one step up from E-Commerce. M-Commerce is the buying and selling of goods through your smartphone or any wireless handheld device.  It’s on-the-go commerce and is the fastest growing sector on the Internet.

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If you have e-commerce business or if you are working at e-commerce business , you need to know about m-commerce apps and to know how to use them to your advantage. But your product, or commodity, must be fab to look at online. You need to ensure that your App is compatible with all smart or wireless devices. Think about it.  The weather app on your phone is perfect.  The app for selling shoes, or groceries, or a holiday, must be perfect too.  It must fit in with the smaller screen or with any smartphone screen.

2) You can build an M-Commerce app and drive thousands of people to your business

Almost all shoppers today use smartphones and conduct their business, buying or selling, via their wireless device.  If you are selling any product or commodity online, you must have an m-commerce app.  You need to make it easy for your customer to find you online and to be able to see easily and clearly what you are selling or doing online.  If you want to desing an mcommerce app inhouse, make sure that it will take a very long time to end up with an app that meets your needs. Additionally it will be expensive, makes your company to allocate too much resources and so on. One may say that consulting to a mobile technology company would be better choice since they will build app for your company in a shorter term with a better product. By considering our experience in mobile technologies, we are certain that both works do not work if you can not find the right company and right app platform. In this case, a native mobile app platform which does not require coding and allows you to create your own e-commerce app manually would work for you. Stats show that shoppers are shopping online, from their mobile devices, more than ever before. You deserve a slice of this easy and available market.


If you are conducting business online, it is vital that you appeal to mobile users.  You need to have an M-commerce application, otherwise known as an Mcommerce application and it is vital that any M-commerce applications are professional, easy to use, easy to navigate and ultimately, result in more and more users. Take a look at T-appz.  This is a mobile commerce i.e. m-commerce platform that allows all E-commerce companies to create their own m-commerce applications.

3) Your M-Commerce App must be millennial-friendly

Young people use the internet.  They shop on their way to work, they shop during their lunch hour, and they shop while on the treadmill.  If you have a product that is aimed at the younger generation, know they use their smart devices, phones or tablets, for almost all transactions.  You can build your own m-commerce application that appeals to this younger generation.  Not only can you, you must. Think of yourself.  You shop online. If you do, everyone does.  And not just millennials, by the way.

4) You can reach thousands of more people via M-commerce apps

An E-commerce app is important but remember, more people are conducting business via their smart devices.  You don’t want to miss out on this business.  With mobile commerce apps, you will be able to reach those people who are shopping while sitting in a cafe, taking the train or waiting at an airport.  You will also reach the mom who’s waiting to do her kid’s ballet run, the dad who’s waiting for his 6 pm meeting, and the students who need to order that school textbook for their science class.  You will reach everyone, from young to old, especially if you have a well designed and easy to use native m-commerce app. You can customize an m-commerce application and it’s simple to do.


5) Customize your M-Commerce App

While you’re reading, google a few online sites.  You will see that the best M-commerce apps are those that are clear and simple. A mobile app does not need to have all the bells and whistles.  It needs to look good, be enticing, be fast and efficient, but simplicity is key.  You can use a native app builder to build your own mcommerce apps and keep it simple and stylish at the same time.  You want to appeal to the millions of users out there, and there are indeed millions.  I know because I’m one of them.  You probably are too.

You can easily build your own M-Commerce app. It’s simple and easy to do and there are sites that will help you. T-appz has a leading native app builder and you can customize it in such a way that it appeals to your target market.  Plus, you don’t have to spend a fortune.  You can build a site, optimize it with keywords, test it on multiple browsers and then go live.

Hope you have enjoyed this article.  If you still not sure to create mobile commerce app for your e-commerce business or where to start with, you only need to request your free trial and start using your demo app.

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