A Remarketing Tool: Mobile Apps

Every e-commerce retailer is fighting a hard battle for valuable customers. In a competitive market, the real cost of acquiring a new user is quite high. In order to make this cost meaningful; you need to increase your profitability through conversion, develop your brand and get loyal customers.In this article we will share how you can do this with mobile application. Smartphones are the most widely used communications tool in the world. They also pioneer mobile trade, which may leave desktop e-commerce behind by 2020. This information is not new to e-commerce companies who know the power of mobile commerce. Retailers who want to implement a correct and smart strategy; we can prove that best practices are mobile applications to strengthen the loyalty of existing customers and to reach new users again and again. Every time a user uses your mobile app, the user experience grows and your brand’s reminiscence increases.



– 92% of smart phone usage takes place in mobile applications. A user spends 92 hours of every 100 hours of smarthphone usage on apps.
– 85% of consumers prefer mobile apps instead of mobile sites.
– Apps deliver 55% more conversions than mobile sites.
– Customers interact more with notifications in mobile apps.
– Users get a better user experience on mobile apps.
– Enhances brand visibility because of your logo on the smartphone screen.

Mobile applications are the next step in the consumer-brand relationship.The brands who want get loyalty and want to get real success on the market should definitely include mobile applications in their strategies.

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