Case Study: How This Ice Therapy Skincare Company Boosted Mobile Commerce App Conversions by 5% and Decreased Checkout Abandonment by 30%


“From the decision making till the initial launch of the app, it took about a week, everything was quick and we were on the market very fast!”

Jale Demirchi, Jalue Company

Jalue is an ice therapy skincare company which benefits from the healing power of herbs and contemporary application of cryotherapy. Since its establishment in 2015, the company has been selling its unique products throughout Europe. The aim of the company is to deliver best ice therapy skincare products around the globe.

Ice therapy skincare is an old tradition in Russia from way back to a Russian empress lived in 18th century. The empress has applied an ice cube to her face, neck and décolletage every morning to preserve her beauty and refresh her complexion. Jale, cofounder of Jalue, was inspired by this tradition and with the knowledge she had about skin beautifying herbs, she decided to establish the company.

Problem Description

Although Jalue had an extremely high volume of mobile traffic, the company was suffering from low conversions and high shopping cart abandonment rate. As the company was offering niche and in demand products, it was getting lots of  visitors to its mobile and desktop websites. Especially, 80% of the traffic was coming from mobile. However, the company was observing high cart abandonment, low session duration and low conversion rate.

The high shopping cart abandonment rate was an indicative factor that the checkout steps were long and confusing. The low session duration showed that visitors get lost due to the low usability and the cluttered look of the homepage and top navigation.

Jalue, wanted to provide more simplified customer journey to their mobile visitors and to keep close contact with them whether or not they finish their session. To do this, they needed a mobile commerce app which they could customize according to mobile visitor needs and additional features which mobile websites wouldn’t provide. With this way, they would be able to keep in touch with the mobile visitors.

Now It Is Time To Start Using t-APPZ!

 Since Jalue was offering niche products, they did not require any categorization and long product details on their mobile commerce app. All they need to create was a simple but amazing mobile app to allow their packaged products to meet their mobile visitor needs.

Jalue decided to go with t-appz for the simplified internal management, the clean user interface, and powerful engagement features such as “Bottom Menu”,  segmented “Push notifications” and “Category Service Management”.

Push Notifications

Jalue wanted to directly connect with their mobile visitors on mobile commerce app.  With personalized and segmented push notifications, they kept their users engaged.

Bottom Menu

In order to present a faster and joyous online shopping experience for its mobile app users, Jalue decided to customize its mobile app by adding Bottom Menu feature.

Category Service Management

Jalue wanted to use “Category Service Management” feature to customize homepage on the mobile app. With this feature, Jalue removed top navigation menu and category button so that users can navigate on the app and stay focused throughout the customer journey via simplified homepage design.



– Mobile app conversion rate increased from 1% to 6.1%

-Session duration increased from 60 seconds to 120 seconds

-Shopping cart abandonment rate decreased from 90% to 60%


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