Does my company really need a mobile application?

The most popular mobile strategy question asked is, “Do I really need a mobile app?” Most of the answers to this question end with “depends.” For example; It depends on the mobile traffic, as it depends on the mobile conversion rate … Today I will tell you that, if you want to make a profit tomorrow, you need to invest today.

Daniel Cristo tells a story on this subject:

“Twelve years ago, I took a web design course when I was a university student. A friend from the course came to me, said he liked my work and talked about a business owner who wanted to redesign his site. This situation opened another door and I opened up a boutique web design agency with my classmate.

After we finished the first job, we decided that it would be best if we would go door to door all the businesses in the city to find out if they needed a website. We probably met with 100 people, but nobody was interested. Fortunately, our sales team has improved quite a lot from those days.

I remember one of my sales trips just like it was yesterday. I met with the owner of the Chinese restaurant in the main street of the city.

–                 Hello, I’m Dan. Are you the owner of the restaurant?

–                 Yes

–                Nice to meet you. I run a small website design agency and I was wondering if you have a website.

–                 No, I don’t.

–                 Would you be interested in creating a website?

–                 No.

–                 May i ask why?

–                 We have sign. We don’t need website.

Today, when you look back, you can laugh at the restaurant owner. Of course there was a need for a website. He just did not know that he needed a website because he was not aware of the potential of the website.


To be fair, it was the year 2002. There was no Yelp, no Facebook, no Groupon or YouTube. Digital photos were not accessible to the average person, so the web sites looked bad, their functionality was even worse. Despite all this, however, curious business owners knew that their website was a good move.

What i mean is; back in 2002 when all the businesses were not dependent on the internet, the businesses which saw the potential and created a website started to make profits when consumer behavior shifted to digital.”

Those who think they do not need mobile apps that are compatible with mobile devices are unaware of the great potential. There are dozens of features that you will not find in a mobile site which are  standards in mobile apps. Not only that; new functionalities that we haven’t yet considered will come to mobile applications before HTML-based websites. Even if you do not take advantage of these features today, being on the right platform and add up to you %80 in value.

“Then as new technologies arrive, I will make new applications. Why would I spend my time and money for nothing if I could essentially do the same job with my website?”

I have only one question on this subject. Is it easier tol et 100,000 people download your app? Or is it easier to make 100,000 people update your app? Of course the answer to this question is that people update your current application. Operating systems and app stores are already notifying users about their app updates via notifications automatically.

Don’t miss the train.. It is necessary to be clear about one thing. The mobile app is a part of your e-commerce strategy..Bringing this strategy into action would cost you both time and money. In addition to downloading your mobile app, you’ll need to market it and support it for active use.

Competition is increasing in today’s e-commerce market. Look at the mobile app this way; if you do not set a budget for your mobile app today, all of a sudden your customers could download your rivals application and continue shopping there and once that happens will you use your mobile website to compensate when your sales starts to decrease?

So when you really fall behind in competition and in order to take action when you need a mobile application, you need to make your investments now. As your website meets all your needs today, you need to invest in your mobile application as quickly as you can for your future needs.

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