E-commerce Applications with t-appz

(English) E-commerce Applications with t-appz

Tmob software engineers provide mobile commerce service to Giant International Companies

As digital economy becomes more and more important creating added value for local economies, SAAS projects developed by Tmob software engineers are chosen by multinational companies for their quality.

As digitalization spreads with a momentum to all folks of our lives, the economical investment to digitalization starts to give its positive results.

Tmob software companies which enter to the highly competitive and unstable digital market with their products has passed their international rivals and started to be chosen by the giant retailer companies.

CEO of TMOB, founded by 100% local investments, Rudi Dökmecioglu says,” Mobile is more than a habit for us and we use it in every single moment of our daily lives. We started our mobile journey knowing this fact and also trusting our local sources and in a short time we became the most prominent mobile developer of the world. With the experience we gained in this journey, we created a new SAAS product, t-appz and it has passed its biggest rival and gives service to the retailers like Toysrus.


Our priority is to be the leader in the biggest markets all around the world.

The CEO of tmob also states that they are going to provide mobile application service to other giant retailers like Toyrus and says “In very near future Tmob software engineers will be seen as the most prominent mobile developers of the World. We trust in our country and its highly qualified human resource.

Developed by Tmob software engineers as a SAAS project, t-appz mobile commerce platform allows e-stores to create their own native e-commerce applications working on iOS& Android operating systems in a short time. With t-appz mobile platform, users are also able to integrate their application to the e-commerce website and so they will have an application synchronized with their website.

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