Nopcommerce Plugin Installation

1. Login to your NopCommerce account and acces to your Admin Panel. Then, navigate to

Configuration → Plugins → All Plugins and Themes Directory.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 11.37.57

2. Search & download t-appz in All Plugins and Themes Directory menu.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 11.49.11

3. Once you download the extension you’ll be provided a zipped file with 3 files in it. Copy them to your Plug-in file on your device.

4. Go back and navigate to Configuration → Plugins → Local Plugins. You’ll see t-appz under Local Plugins menu and Install t-appz.

5. When the installation completed click Configure to proceed to configuration process.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 11.58.34

6. You can manage your banners and payment option on this page. Complete your settings and click Save.

Banner Settings : Banners are the images on your home screen.

Picture: Banner image is the picture for action type on home screen.

You need compelete these 3 tabs.

  1. Image : Image is your banner picture.Click the upload file button should be installed in the proper format for the banner image.

Accepted banner size is 1008×610

  1. Action Type : What action is going to be taken when clicked on the banner.There are five type of banner action.
  •       Search  : When you click the banner,application shows  according to “search terms”.
  •       Product : When you click banner,it goes to product detail.
  •       Category : When you click banner,it goes to category.
  •       Wev view : When you click banner,it goes to URL.
  •       Href  : When you click banner,it goes to URL.
  1. Parameter :  Fill the following information according to your selected action.
  •      Search: You need to description text for banner.
  •      Product: You need to description Product ID for banner.
  •      Category: You need to description category ID for banner.
  •      Web view: You need to description URL for banner.
  •      Href: You need to description URL for banner.

banner 1-2-3

banenr 4-5


Paypal Client Id  : Please enter your test paypal client id.Leave empty if you do not want to charge PayPal paymensy system on t-appz.

Money Order – Account Branch : It is account branch for Money Order to display.

Money Order – Account Number : It is account number for Money Order to display.

Money Order – Account IBAN :It is IBAN  for Money Order to display.

If you want to create paypal test account,you can click here.

7. Leave the NopCommerce page and go to to fill free trial form to get your free t-appz demo to start designing your m-commerce app.

t appz   DIY m commerce platformt appz

8. We’ll send you the welcome kit with the guidelines and instructions.

9.Please log in t-appz and you will see wizard page.

On wizard page please select your commerce platform  and please enter your web service link to check your web service methods.


10. Click Control t-appz will start the controlling process.

11. t-ppz is a 5 step DIY app wizard. Once you integrate your service link to t-appz you’ll proceed to designer options and publishing your m-commerce app. T-appz will send you a test app before you go further. Our welcome kit will lead you the way through your t-appz experience.

12. If you ever need further assistance please contact us at We’ll be happy to help! – T-appz Team