How Jalue Boosted its Mobile Commerce App Conversions by 5% and Decreased Checkout Abandonment by 30%

Jalue is an ice therapy skincare company which benefits from the healing power of herbs and contemporary application of cryotherapy. Since its establishment in 2015, the company has been selling its unique products throughout Europe. The aim of Jalue is to deliver the best ice therapy skincare products around the globe.

Ice therapy skincare is an old tradition in Russia from way back to a Russian empress lived in the 18th century. The empress has applied an ice cube to her face, neck and décolletage every morning to preserve her beauty and refresh her complexion. Jale, the co-founder of Jalue, was inspired by this tradition and with the knowledge she had about skin beautifying herbs, she decided to establish the company.

Although Jalue had an extremely high volume of mobile traffic, the company was suffering from low conversions and high shopping cart abandonment rate. Therefore Jalue  utilised T-appz for a simplified internal management, an easy-to-use clean user interface, and powerful engagement features.

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