How much can a mobile app increase sales of my e-commerce website?

How Much Can a Mobile App Increase Sales of My E-commerce Website?

Last week we mentioned how important is user experience on mobile world. Customers really pay attention to the practicality of checkouts. They always prefer and be loyal to user-friendly platforms.

Mobile users really care the experience of a mobile app and they use these platforms much more active. According to Middle East and Africa Criteo Commerce Review, retailers with a mobile app generate their 64% sales on mobile devices. This is a very important data for retailers, especially in this region.

Native mobile apps offer users reaching their goal faster, which helps them to get the product in an easier manner. The data mentioned above actually shows the power of mobility. When we look at the numbers, it is much more important than we can imagine. 64% sales means a lot for a retailer, that is why they know the importance of having a useful app.

Businessman working with laptop computer on wooden desk in modern office.

With the digitalization of the money, consumers don’t need to use their credit card anymore. Today, we can even use our smartphones to pay at coffeeshops! At this point, payment process should offer consumer the most practical and secure way. Native mobile applications also give you secure payment options with their special encrypted payment modules. Our T-appz platform offers payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe, PayU, mygate, hipay and BKM Express.

Since the world has gone mobile already and now it is all about living a “digital” life, it seems like mobile sales percentage will possibly increase a lot more in a couple of years (or sooner). Now, having a mobile app for e-commerce websites is so easy and quick with t-appz! You are just one click away from our free 14-days trial!

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