How Technology Is Changing Ecommerce App Development

Every year, it gets harder to remember the world before the Internet.

Technology and the Internet are shaping our society — and completely revolutionizing commerce.

68% of American adults now own a smartphone, and it’s common knowledge that businesses need to have mobile websites to reach consumers.

While mobile websites are still important, ecommerce app development is growing and changing every day.

Apps used to be difficult and costly to make, but technology is making ecommerce app development much easier. These days, businesses can’t afford to overlook mobile apps.

Read on to find out how mobile app development has become so important.

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Consumer/Retail Relationships Go Mobile

Not so long ago, businesses had to entice customers to a physical building to make a sale.

Ads could get people through the door, but it was harder to guarantee that the right people (read: potential customers) would see your ads.

Then came the advent of online shopping. Mobile apps were right on its heels.

Now, customers can order products from businesses with a touch of the finger.

Both creations revolutionized the way that consumers and businesses interact. Ecommerce app development, though, has arguably done more.

Unlike a website, which people have to specifically navigate to, an app is always on the customer’s phone. They’re reminded of a business every time they unlock their smartphone.

If they happen to have that app hidden away, push notifications make sure that they never forget about it.

Plus, apps make businesses accessible 24/7 — a mobile app doesn’t care if you’re impulse-buying at 3 am.

Speaking of impulse buys and push notifications…

E-Commerce App Development Drives In Cash

Push notifications and impulse buys are like the perfect storm for businesses.

Think about it. If you were navigating a website and a pop-up suddenly took over your screen, would you stop and read it or look for the ‘X’ as fast as possible?

Many people would choose the latter.

Or if a business is relying on email to send out their promotions and coupons, they risk that message being stuck in spam. Even if it breezes past the spam filters, there’s no guarantee that the customer is reading every email they have in their inbox.

A push notification, though, is different.

Smartphone addiction is becoming more and more common. If your phone buzzes, you take the time to glance at it.

If your phone buzzes with a special BOGO in-app offer, you’re likely to open up the business’ app and start spending money. Because you can do it right away, there’s not a lot of time to think about the purchase and potentially back out.

This leads to purchases and money for the business that may never have happened without the app.

More Opportunity for Small Businesses

Ecommerce app development makes it much easier for small businesses to get off the ground.

It’s no secret that the marketplace is more crowded than ever. The thousands of choices consumers have can be a curse for businesses without a big name.

It can be hard to gain recognition with so many businesses competing for attention.

However, the new marketplace is also an opportunity.

Instead of being limited to a metro area, small businesses can reach anyone in the world through the Internet. A good smartphone app can help spread the word about their product.

In this case, technology has helped to level the playing field. With mobile optimization and social media, even tiny Mom and Pop shops can drive customers to their businesses.

ECommerce Gets the Tinder Treatment

Fashion is one area of ecommerce app development that had the potential to lag behind.

As much as we love to buy things online these days, people tend to hesitate a bit more when it comes to buying clothes online. Women especially prefer to be able to try things on to make sure they fit.

However, new innovations are bringing fashion into the ecommerce app development world.

Now, consumers can ‘like’ certain outfits and an app will tailor itself to match their preferences. Or if a fashionista wants to buy the exact outfit her favorite celebrity has on, she can just snap a picture of the celeb. An app will find the same outfit and let her buy it right away.

These innovations in fashion ecommerce could be applied to almost any sector.

What do you want to ‘swipe right’ on? Food, books, cars?

The possibilities are endless — and thanks to the way technology is changing, most ideas can be developed.

Ecommerce Apps Build Loyalty

As helpful as ecommerce app development has been across sectors, more people buy from mobile websites than apps.

However, companies can also leverage apps to build loyalty to their brands.

Think of Starbucks, for example. Although you still need to go to the cafe to buy your venti caramel latte, the rewards program in their mobile app encourages people to keep coming back.

Mobile apps are also easier to personalize. Customers can save their payment information, coupons, and other personal preferences within the app.

Since apps can be tailored to match whatever the customers want to see, they will keep opening them — and driving in ad revenue even if they don’t make a purchase.

Companies Rake In Data

Ecommerce app development isn’t just great for money — it’s also great for collecting information.

Since mobile screens are smaller, people are more focused on what they’re seeing. Plus, they’ll probably scroll through information faster.

Combining the browsing data from your mobile website with data from your mobile app could lead to some fantastic insights.

It gives you a better picture of how your customers interact with your business, what they’re purchasing, and what they’re not purchasing.

That data allows companies to further narrow down what potential customers are looking for…which means more money in the end.

Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of collecting data and then not analyzing it at all. It would be like walking away from free money.

With the technology that is available, every business should at least think about developing a mobile app. Ecommerce app development is only going to get bigger as the technology continues to improve.

Are you ready to create an app for your business? Find out how we can help or start your free trial now.

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