How to create an e-commerce application?

How to create an e-commerce application?


How to create an e-commerce application?

Thanks to the development of Smartphones and especially iPhone, m-commerce application has become indispensable for the e-stores.

At first, you may think selling your products on the mobile channel with a mobile website would be enough but over time a mobile application will become a must to create an effective mobile strategy to increase your sales and acquire more customers using mobile devices to shop online.  The presence of your Mobile apps in the stores such as Google Play and Apple Store, also help you to augment your visibility of your brand in search engines.

Strengths of an m-commerce application

Interactivity is one of the most important keys of a mobile application. The graphics and the user experience of the are the primordial points to catch the attention of the consumers. For example, according to research, a consumer who visits your mobile website and decides to buy a product or service from your brand, quits your mobile website and looks for your application in the stores. They have reasonable excuses for not going on shopping on the mobile website. One of the most important reasons is the security concern. They don’t trust in the payment security of the mobile website. The second most important reason is the user experience in the checkout stage of the shopping. To check out in a mobile website you have to fill several different forms in order to finish the payment.


Yes, but I’m not a developer: what should I do?

In order to create a mobile application, you have two solutions. First one is hiring a developer (which will cost extremely expensive) and the second one is to find an m-commerce platform that will help you in each technical problems and possible updates. Hiring a developer would be not a logical solution for your business. Since application creation is a continuous process it’s not finished once you have put your app in stores. On the contrary, it’s just the beginning, since mobile devices change rapidly, you have to keep up with the new trends and your app has to work seamlessly with these mobile devices. Because of that reason, you will always have to improve your app! In this case, you will have to pay thousands of dollars to the developer you hire.

If you don’t want to pay a fortune for an app you should find a mobile commerce platform that helps you in each stage. One of the most important advantages of the mobile platform is it gives you to create your app without a line of coding. You don’t have to be an engineer or developer to build your mobile app. All you have to do is to follow the steps given by your platform provider. With mobile commerce platform, you don’t have to worry about updates and possible bugs you may encounter.

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