Mobile Apps for Magento

M-commerce applications are playing an enormous role to create an advantage for your Magento Store. Mcommerce apps can help you to keep ahead of the competition. The best mcommerce application for your Magento e-commerce website should have the certain features and functionalities which suit your business needs & strategy.

We have to accept that mobile applications have become a must-have for e-commerce websites in order to augment their conversion rates. At this point, t-appz mobile app builder helps e-commerce websites to create iOS and Android  mcommerce application for Magento websites without coding.


Your Magento Mobile App is ready!

t-appz uses latest mobile technologies to integrate with your Magento ecommerce and payment systems. The mobile platform has a huge role to reduce development costs and to give the best service for your customers. t-appz mobile app builder also offers marketing tools like push notification allowing you to reach your customers whenever you want.

t-appz mobile app for Magento provides the integration with all the major payment and shipping methods and it supports different languages and currencies.

Prominent Payment Gateways Supported:

t-appz mobile application for Magento supports different payment gateways such as PayPal, ApplePay, AndroidPay, HiPay,Stripe, Paytürk and PayU. You don’t have to pay a fortune to integrate your payment system into your m-commerce application. All you have to do is create your app in 5 easy steps.

Our t-appz team provides full support and instant solution for our clients.

t   Create Native M Commerce Apps for your store


  1. Mohammed

    Hello Sir,
    Hope this email find you well ,
    I am starting my new website soon ,
    I am looking to create app and connect it with my website so please , so can you connect it with my website and i have 2 languages in my website so can we make the app in 2 languages too ?
    thank you
    best regrades
    Mohammed Barakat

    1. t-appz Team

      Hello Mohammed,

      Could you please give us your e-mail address? So we can give you detailed information about our m-commerce solutions.

      Best Regards,

      t-appz Team

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