Mobile Conversion Rates: How Does Your Website Compare?

Mobile Conversion Rates: How Does Your Website Compare?

The Internet has revolutionized the way people lead their lives.  Think about how much you do on the Internet every single day, including social media, banking, studying, researching, booking holidays, online shopping and even dating.  Any transaction you do online is called E-commerce but now there is a new revolution happening.  M-commerce is the name of the game and M-commerce is like E-commerce except that the transactions are taking place on smartphones or mobile devices.

This means if you buy or sell online, or have any kind of online business, you need a Mobile application or a Mobile App. You can create your own native M-commerce app but you must make sure that your site is good, easy to navigate, professional and will result in sales.

So how do you compare your M-Commerce App with others and how do you know if your mobile conversion rates are good?  Mobile optimization means ensuring that your mobile app is used in the best possible way, that people do not just browse but also buy, and that your product pops up on the Internet ahead of your competitor.  If you have a shopping app, for example, you want to ensure that it compares favorably to other shopping apps.  Bottom line, you want to get the sales. You want them via E-commerce and via M-commerce.

Follow these online trends to ensure you stay ahead of the game:

1) Understand customer behavior

Customers have become smart when they shop online. They want a site that is easy to use and where the product is clear and to the point. Online shoppers want to be able to see the product on their screen without having to fiddle, waste time or continuously click. Create a mobile app that is attractive, enticing, quick and simple. For a mobile app to result in sales, the mobile app or M-Commerce app must be well made, professional, and visually appealing.  You can use mobile benchmarking to learn about your customers and their behavior and to check your own mobile conversion rates.

2) Good visual is a must

When you create an E-Commerce or an M-Commerce application, the visuals must be good.  If you are using photographs, use good quality photographs.  You can create your own mobile website and ensure that your site is interesting, exciting and will result in sales.  A leading online mobile commerce platform; T-appz will ensure that you create a mobile app of your ecommerce website that is cutting edge, technically superior and one that is able to draw in and retain customers. Consider the blog page of the company to better decipher whether you should go with a mobile commerce app. Remember, the aim of a mobile app is to draw in the customer and then sell them something.  You don’t want the customer leaving empty-handed.  Make use of mobile benchmarks to see if customers are enjoying your site.  Remember, mobile is different to desktop and you want your site to be appealing as well as efficient.

3) Compare Desktop sites to Mobile Apps

You probably already have a website, perhaps an online shopping site. To remain competitive, and to get ahead, you need to have a mobile app too.  You might find that most people shop at the desktop website but statistics show that that is all changing.  More and more people are starting to use mobile apps for their every day online shopping and online transactions.  It makes sense.  Everyone carries their phone or tablet around with them and no matter where people are, they’re using their smart devices.  They’re chatting with their family, looking at Facebook or browsing the online stores.  A good mobile app will start resulting in extra sales.

As a retailer, or a wholesaler, no matter what you are selling, M-Commerce is a vital component of sales and you need to ensure that you stay on top of the latest E-commerce trends. That means having an M-commerce application and one where if you do benchmark tests, you are superior to your competitors.

4) Get the sales into the Basket

Mobile optimization shows that when you have a good M-commerce application you get the sales into the basket and to the check out point. And the customers will come back, time and time again.  If a customer has a positive shopping experience using their smartphone or mobile device, they will keep coming back to you.  Not only will they return, they will tell their friends.  When you create your native M-commerce app, do it well the first time.  You can do it online and you can get expert advice all the way through.  A good online mobile app designer or sites like t-appz will advise you how to get those sales finalized, easily and quickly.  When you build your site you will also get a tutorial on how to test if your mobile app is working well, how many visitors you have and how many conversions to sales you have.  You can do your own benchmark process, looking at visitors, browsers, and sales. Like with any shopping venture, you want your customers to spend money.


5) Get repeat business

Make use of the Mobile Benchmark to see how many of your customers come back.  If you find that customers keep coming back to look at a product, but don’t buy it, something simple may be wrong.  You can use Mobile benchmarking to look at how many people visit your mobile site, how much time they spend looking, what they look at, and when they do (or do not) buy.  You can also see when they return.  Using mobile benchmarks helps you to compare yourself to others and to see where you can improve.

A good thing is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes.  You probably on your smartphone, right now, browsing!  You’re looking at m-commerce apps.  Make sure that your own app is a brilliant one.

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