New E-commerce Trends

Mobile devices have become the gateway channel of the users when accessing the internet these past few years. Of course this is not much of a surprising situation. However, it may surprise you that hearing the %90 of smart phone usage came from mobile apps. Users; familiarity with using the mobile app and many other reasons, heading towards the apps on mobile web.

According to 2015 Business Intelligence Report, until 2020, %50 of all e-commerce will become m-commerce. But many people related to subject predict this transition will be much faster. 2017 reports also share supporting facts about this.

new ecommerce trends

As m-commerce surpasses desktop shopping, shopping experiences must accommodate to this rise.

Mobile customers want more special and efficient checkout experience. Retailers, by making the checkout process simple, fast and fun for mobile devices with small screens are able to satisfy this need. Simplified payment options, especially the ones removing the manual credit card entry, are making the most critical point in checkout easier. Thus, it shows a significant increase in purchasing behavior for the user who’s making a passive money transaction.

Providing customers with a multi-channel shopping experience helps increase your conversion rates. Defining each customer as a single person, making consistent and specific campaigns for them, with the multi-channel marketing, means a good shopping experience. Another part of this purchase journey is; making purchases as social activities. When the behavior before purchasing is examined, users are using the social media more than they formerly do. Customers are searching for more checkout experience, comments and reviews. Instead of relying on the retailer’s words or the look of the product, they focus on evaluating and seeing the product’s detailed photo review options.

Efficiency is an important element of the mobile shopping experience. A large product range can be an excellent experience on your desktop website. But for your mobile user; you must provide them when finding a good product easily, entering delivery information fast, and an easy payment page.

Finally, you must incentivize to download your app. New user acquisition, engagement and retention are vital steps. While direct download campaigns can be expensive; a strong combination made up of cross-channel promotions, app store optimizations and download incentives helps increasing the downloads incrementally.

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