Magento 2.0 Support Page

Installation Guide for Magento 2.0


1.Install plug-in via Magento 2.0

Login to your Magento account, go to and search for t-appz. Add t-appz to your cart and continue to purchase it. Navigate to My Account > Marketplace > My Purchases and download t-appz. Extract the downloaded file and open the composer.json file. In composer.json file copy the “tmoblabs/tappz” package name in the “require” section and paste it in your composer.json file in your server. To do that open terminal and run these commands: composer require tmoblabs/tappz dev-master /var/www/html/magentoproduction/bin# php magento module:status /var/www/html/magentoproduction/bin# php magento module:enable TmobLabs_Tappz /var/www/html/magentoproduction/bin# php magento setup:upgrade Then complete the steps in this link:

2. t-appz Configuration

    • Go to Magento admin page. On the left panel, click on Stores and under Settings, click on Configuration.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 14.16.17

    • On Tappz Token Generator, create a Tappz User Name and Tappz User Token Key. Then click Save Config.


  • If you are going to accept payments via Paypal, go to Paypal section and select “Yes” in Sandbox field, and enter your Paypal Secret Key and Paypal Client ID, otherwise Sandbox will stay as “No”. Then click Save Config.


  • If you are going to accept payments via Stripe, go to Stripe section and select “Yes” in Stripe Test field, and enter your Stripe Test Secret and Stripe Secret, otherwise Stripe Test will stay as “No”. Then click Save Config


  • On the customer attributes section, from the drop-down menu, select the attribute if it is same with the left attribute.
  • image011 For example, the third attribute is the Email Attribute. When you open the drop-down menu, you can see there is an Email attribute in the menu, so select it.
  • image013
  • But on the forth attribute, there is no Gender attribute on the drop-down menu, leave it blank. image015

Then click Save Config.

    • Go to Address Attributes. Do the same steps for Address Attributes and click Save Config.
    • On Payment Methods, select your payment method from the dropdown menu and click Save Config.
    • On User Agreement section, enter your user agreement (like Terms and Conditions) and click on Save Config.

3. Go to t-appz App Wizard to start creating your m-commerce app After you are done with the configuration steps above, go to the to fill free trial form to get your free t-appz demo to start designing your m-commerce app. image017

Select your e-commerce platform as Magento 2.0, enter your web service link, and fill the User Name and API Key information you’ve created on the Configuration page Tappz Token Generator section.

    • Click on Verify button, and after the verification, click on Save and Continue button.

Now you can start to design your app and publish your m-commerce app. t-appz will send you a test app before you go further. Our welcome kit will lead you the way through your t-appz experience. If you ever need further assistance please contact us at We’ll be happy to help! – t-appz Team