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User Friendly Design

The new and improved App Wizard is a straight forward and user friendly dashboard, making the design so much fun! With the fully guided screens you can create your brand profile, select or customise colors and choose from home page and product listing options. Designing a mobile application has never been this easy


Google Analytics E-commerce Tracking Tool Integration

Google Analytics E-commerce Tracking Tool allows businesses to track and monitor how their sales figures change for specific items, checkout types, time periods and more.

Analyze the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts while capturing behavioral data to optimize mobile shopping experiences for your customers, while increasing conversion rates.

Google Tag Manager Integration

Better manage your manually-written and hard-coded tags for your native m-commerce apps by replacing them with the dynamic tagging system offered by the tag manager. Google Tag Manager integration ensures security, speed and high performance, working perfectly with your native m-commerce app’s infrastructure. Enjoy error-free tag management for your m-commerce apps with less effort and improved accuracy.


Real Time Store Monitoring

After your application is in store, you can view all of your store accounts (Google Play and App Store) from a single platform, saving loads of time switching back and forth your accounts as you would, when using other platforms. It also lets you follow your daily download statistics and breakdown your values through a variety of filters. You can review your app ratings and comments, facilitating improvement of your app for better customer engagement.

Google Firebase

Notifications integrates closely with Firebase Analytics, allowing you to target notifications by custom audience. Also, you can target predefined user segments for app, version, and language. With notifications targeted to user segments, you can contact exactly the right user audience for updates on available upgrades, new features, or other news.



Payment Options

Clients can offer customers a variety of payment methods including money transfer, credit card, PayPal,Stripe, Apple Pay and cash on delivery.

Test Automation

Your app is tested on 100+ iOS/Android devices running on almost all operating system versions. This is a premium service that is provided with t-appz at no cost, and saves you from any problem that might arise from dysfunctional scenarios. The test monitoring system detects and solves any bugs your application may have within a large chain of devices and operating systems.


More Features


Two-Blank-Web-Pages.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comHome Page Alternatives

Choose from 4 home page options. Highlight only promotions, only products, or both at the same time. Offer access to campaigns directly from the home screen of your app, directing to products.

From-Grid-To-List-Interface-Symbol.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comProduct List Alternatives

Products can be displayed in grid or list views, depending on your preference regarding emphasis on images or information.


t-appz basket is synchronized with your online store basket, therefore preventing loss of unpurchased items that were placed by the users through other channels. Your customers can continue the same shopping experience in different channels.

User-Check-Interface-Symbol.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comCreate User Account

Users can register, login with regular store credentials or using their Facebook accounts. Password recovery option is provided in case of forgotten passwords.

Sort-Descending.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comProduct Sorting

Listing options such as alphabetical, highest to lowest price and vice versa are provided, as they are offered in your ecommerce service.  This feature is offered in the list view. .

Big-Heart.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comLoyalty services

Offer gift cheques and promotion codes to enhancing customer engagement.

Barscode-Search.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comSearch & Barcode Scanner

Search option is available at multiple points in the app, facilitating access to the products that the customer is browsing.

Share-Data-Signal.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comProduct Sharing

.You can share products on social media accounts (FB, Twitter and email) and ask for comments from your digital communities.

iconsPayment options

Offer your customers a variety of payment methods including money transfer, credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay and cash on delivery.

Project-Manager.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comUser Profile Management

Your customers can edit and manage their profile information, including adresses, loyalty cards and points, as well as view previous orders and transactions.


Signal and trigger location of user, allowing use of push notifications.

Squarespace-Logo.-Attribute-as-SimpleIcon-from-Flaticon.comWeb service link integration

T-appz is pre-integrated with 30+ e-commerce carts which you can choose from when integrating your e-commerce platform. If your cart is not one of those provided, you can enter your own API link to match your platform with t-appz.

Map-Point-Pointer.-Attribute-as-Pavel-Kozlov-from-Flaticon.comStore Locator & Information

Provide a search tool for accessing store locations, names, contact information and work hours. Filter option for stores in the area of the user, in the city or other locations.

Data-Settings-Interface-Symbol.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comCustomer Feedback

Access your customers’ opinion and improve their shopping experience through the “Rate Now” button.

Weblinks-Optimization.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comAccount setup

Account setup is available to enter PayPal and Google Analytics accounts, as well as Facebook Connect option to your login page. This feature can be removed or added to the application at a later point easily.

Data-Settings-Interface-Symbol.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comClients Store Settings

You have 2 options for sending the completed app to the store: You can either give us the required information and we can complete the process on your behalf within 24 hrs or you can again provide the necessary information to us and we can get back to you with a set of documents which will allow you to continue publishing on your own with your business accounts.


Through deep linking, users will have a mobile app that is already SEO–optimized and all of the app content will be available in Google search.

 Group-1Language Support

t-appz is available in French,English,Portuguese,Spanish,German,Turkish and Italian.

Test-With-Time-Control-For-A-Business-Man.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comCreate the Test Application

You can enter one or multiple email addresses to send a downloadable link to test your application for both iOS and Android devices before you launch it. You can go back and edit your application if there are parts that need correction.

Wish ListWish List

Users will be able to put the products they want to buy in the wish list. This feature functions as a reminder for your customers, it also gives you the clues about tendecies of your customers in order to create effective marketing strategies.

Private PricingPrivate Pricing

With t-appz native m-commerce application, you don’t have to show your products’ prices. This functionnality has been developed according to needs of certain industries that are not allowed to show their product prices by the commerce laws.

Force LoginForce Login

To show the basket and add product to basket,users will have to login in each step. With this feature we aim to create more secure Mobile shopping experience for your customers.

Hybrid CheckoutHybrid Checkout

The users will be able to use WebView feature in the payment step to continue their transaction.

Facebook LoginFacebook Login

Users are able to log in in your application with their Facebook Accounts.

Gift CardGift Card

With t-appz you can offer gift cards to promote your sales on mobile.