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Installation Guide for Magento

1. Install plug-in via Magento Connect

Login to your Magento account and access to your Magento Admin Panel. Then, search for t-appz. Download the the t-appz Mobile Commerce&Shopping App For Magento extension.


2- After download t-appz,Go to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager.


And please log in with same user name and password.


Please paste your extension code to  “Paste extension key to install”  related fields and press “Install” button.


If you have problem with downloading t-appz extension in version 1.6 and 1.7, please check below links.

After installation , you can see t-appz installed file.


Please press “Proceed” button to clean cashes.

After that you have to press  at the end of page “Refresh” button.

After refreshing page, please press “Return To Admin” and you will process admin panel and please log out and again log in to magento admin panel.

3-Tappz Configuration

3.1 Log in to your Magento admin account and navigate to System → Configuration


3.2 Please select Configuration → t-appz → Configuration

Proceed to configuration tab to complete the process.


3.3 General

  • Store : You can choose your store’s operating language.
  • Price Decimal Separator : Choose decimal separator for prices.
  • Price Group Separator : Choose group separator for prices.


*Please be aware of the importance of entries on each section should match in every step.

3.4 Catalog

Next, proceed to Catalog preferences.


Banners are the images on your home screen. You need to complete all sections to enable your app to navigate properly within products, detailed search, etc.

Accepted banner size is 1008×610


  • Image : Banner image
  • Action Type : Which action is going to be taken among three when clicked on the banner.
  • Search a phrase : Result of search shows to customer.
  • Go to a Product :  Gives the detailed product information.
  • Open a URL :  Directs to the URL.
  • Action Value : Search, product ID or URL etc.
  • Front Page – Product List 1 : Choose a category for the first front page view.
  • Front Page – Product List 2 : Choose a category for the second front page view.
  • Front Page – Product List 3 : Choose a category for the third front page view.
  • Front Page – Product List 4 : Choose a category for the fourth front page view.
  • Product Shipping Info : Shipping and delivery information
  • Product Free Shipping : Free shipping and delivery information

3.5 Customer

Choose Customer section preferences.

You can configure your customer’s demographic and contact information attributes. Gender, email, phone and birth date attribute.

Also create User Agreement document.


Please fill each section properly.


3.6 Adress


  • Address Name Attribute : Choose customer address attribute.
  • First Name Attribute : Choose customer’s first name attribute.
  • Last Name Attribute : Choose customer’s last name attribute.
  • E mail Attribut : Choose customer’s e-mail attribute.
  • Street Attribute : Choose street attribute.
  • Country Attribute : Choose country attribute.
  • State/Province Attribute : Choose state-province attribute.
  • State/Province Id Attribute : Choose state-province id attribute.
  • City Attribute : Choose city attribute.
  • City Id Attribute : Choose city id attribute.
  • District Attribute : Choose district attribute.
  • Town Attribute : Choose town attribute.
  • Town Id Attribute : Choose town id attribute.
  • Is Company Attribute : Choose if an address is a company address attribute.
  • *If your customers decide to save a company address there are 3 more additional boxes required to fill. (Tax number, tax office and company name)
  • Company Name Attribute : Choose company name attribute.
  • Tax Department Attribute : Choose tax department attribute.
  • Tax No Attribute : Choose tax no attribute.
  • Phone Attribute : Choose phone attribute.
  • Identity Number Attribute : Choose identity number attribute.
  • Postal Code Attribute : Choose postal code or zip code attribute.


3.7 Basket

Last configuration step to complete is Basket. Please choose/fill following boxes.


  • Product Average Delivery Days Attribute : Choose delivery time  attribute for a product.
  • Credit Card Payment Type : Choose credit card payment type.
  • Paypal Sandbox : Choose paypal is on test.
  • Paypal Client Id : Enter your paypal client id.
  • Paypal Secret : Enter your paypal secret.
  • Stripe Test : Choose if stripe is on test.
  • Stripe Test Secret : Enter your stripe test secret.
  • Stripe Live Secret : Enter your stripe live secret.

4-Create API user for Tappz

You can see users on this page.



This screen allows you to manage your users. You can create, view or delete any user.

5- Manage verified API users

System  →  Web Services and click SOAP/XML-RPC Users

View and create secure API key and user name. You need a verified API user to proceed to the next step.



6- Go to t-appz App Wizard to start creating your m-commerce app

After you are done with the configuration steps above, leave the Magento Admin page and go to to fill free trial form to get your free t-appz demo to start designing your m-commerce app.


We’ll send you the welcome kit with the guidelines and instructions.

The first step on t-appz is entering your web service link to integrate your service provider with your app. You can check the screen below.

You can download on your mail application and you can test your application.

The first step on t-appz is entering your web service link to integrate your service provider with your app. You can check the screen below.

User Name : User name is your user name at  account information page.

API Key : API key is your API key at account information page.

User name and API key are account informations you created fourth steps.

Click Control t-appz will start the controlling process.

magento user information

t-ppz is a 5 step DIY app wizard. Once you integrate your service link to t-appz you’ll proceed to designer options and publishing your m-commerce app. t-appz will send you a test app before you go further. Our welcome kit will lead you the way through your t-appz experience.

If you ever need further assistance please contact us at We’ll be happy to help! – T-appz Team