(English) Opencart E-commerce App Support

Installation Guide for OpenCart

Download t-appz extension from Opencart marketplace.


2. Then, login to your OpenCart account and Access to your Admin Panel. Before install extension, you
need to aware of your FTP credentials. For set your FTP credentials, navigate to System -> Settings

Then select your store and click “edit“.


3. Then choose the FTP tab and fill in your FTP credentials. Make sure you check the Yes radio button for “Enable FTP” field and then click “Save” button.

Now the Extension Installer will know how to access your FTP and you will be able to install
extensions easily.


4. Then, navigate to Extensions -> Extension Installer


5. Before upload t-appz extension, you should open downloaded zip file named “tappzopencart”. Then you get “tappz 2” file. In this file, you should zip “upload” file with “*.zip“ format.


6. In extension installer tab, you need to upload “*.zip” format file. Click the blue Continue button.


7. On success, you should get a green “Success: You have installed your extension!” message.