Why are mobile applications essential for e-commerce websites?

We all know that mobility is one important thing today. Even we live in a mobile world, it is getting more and more vital every day. Do you remember when was the last time you buy a newspaper, or check your social media accounts on desktop? We started reading news on mobile apps, checking our e-mails and social media account on mobile all the time… Today, we can easily get everything through mobile applications. We order food, send flowers, do shopping, even pay for a coffee at Starbucks!

Researchs also prove that having a mobile app is the most effective way to reach your customer. According to UK Criteo Commerce Review, 63% of retailers’ sales are coming from mobile apps, not from their mobile web platform. In this case, having a mobile app is so important to be connected to your target segment. Our t-appz platform is the fastest and easiest way to enable companies have a mobile app without writing any mobile codes. It is a 100% native platform and available only in a day.




Same research shows that, 54% of sales are coming from mobile web and mobile apps together. However, there is %64 increase of the share of in-app transactions globally. Especially health/beauty and mass merchandising are two retail categories with the highest growth of mobile sales.

In this case, we see that desktop customers started going mobile each year and it is so usual to predict that these numbers will keep increasing day by day. If you still don’t have a native mobile app for your e-commerce website, check out our mainpage to get more information about our product boost your business!

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