Building Magento App for your business: Why you have to create a native app for your e-commerce store

Building Magento App for your business: Why you have to create a native app for your e-commerce store?

Evolving technology has forced most companies and businesses to turn to advanced technologies when it comes to creating and building websites for desktop and mobile users throughout the world.  The need to develop user-friendly interfaces for marketing purposes has become an essential need for companies to reach out to their target customers. Mobile commerce is the advanced form of e-commerce whereby mobile applications are developed and advertised on company websites in order to reach out to millions of users globally.  The widespread use of mobile technology by millions of mobile users has created a market niche for companies to target. In other words, the development of mobile applications is the most convenient approach for reaching out to potential customers and convincing them to buy certain products and services advertised. The development of mobile apps is an essential requirement for any e-commerce business that wants to experience growth and development in their sales returns and profit margins.

What T-appz is and how you can benefit from it

T-appz is a mobile commerce application platform that allows e-commerce companies to manually create their own 100% native mobile commerce app without coding. The company prides itself on efficiency, high quality, and 100% native mobile application that some of their past clients have appreciated and valued over the years. The platform is compatible with 35+ shopping cart solutions and once the e-commerce companies decide to create their native app on the platform, it is compatible with  Android and iOS operating systems.

The user-friendly interface of T-appz

T-appz has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy for mobile users to navigate through its services and design without much effort. It allows first users of the application to easily get acquainted with the application without the need for a user manual. Mobile application developers get to access and utilize the other features provided by T-appz.


The relationship between Magento and T-appz

T-appz is a software application domain that is hosted under Magento; an open source e-commerce platform that allows mobile application developers and other users to access thousands of e-commerce apps.  Magento is the world’s most recognizable innovation technology company that offers diverse knowledge and skills in Information Technology (IT). T-appz can be found in Magento through its extension whereby users can download the filing form to create a demo with the e-commerce application. Magento is the best platform to access T-appz because it offers e-commerce abilities such as limitless, unique and interactive shopping experience. Furthermore, T-appz is integrated into Magento, because the open source platform has the following features;

  • Cloud capabilities
  • Business intelligence
  • Marketplace extensions for new business models and mobile applications

The Magento commerce platform is one of the most popular for e-commerce apps such as T-appz. Check out this link for more information

T-appz offers the best experience for app developers who want to create exciting and interactive applications for their Android and iOS customers. Magento is globally known for its high-end mobile applications that serve the needs and interests of customers. Therefore, mobile app developers interested in using T-appz can access the demo privilege through its extension available only in Magento.

Why E-commerce companies have to go with Native Mobile App

Ever since the introduction of mobile technology, entrepreneurs have struggled to integrate this new technology service in their businesses. However, Magento is the problem-solver because it allows beginners to consult with their IT experts in Android and iOS platforms. The platform provided by Magento is designed to ensure that e-commerce businesses understand how the T-appz application works through customer reviews posted on the Magento website. T-appz is a native mobile app because it is primarily hosted on Android and iOS supported devices. It is an application that allows users to design and develop their own customized apps through the use of the templates provided by T-appz.

E-commerce companies have to go with native apps because it allows users of specific operating system platforms to access applications designed to suit their needs and requirements. Magento is the best open source domain that allows developers to evaluate and analyze the credibility of mobile development apps without any bias judgments. It is a neutral platform written in PHP that provides a layout of how T-appz and other similar applications provide service to its customers in the e-commerce industry.  T-appz is the best application for e-commerce because it supports the integration and accommodation of websites and web pages accessed through mobile devices. T-appz allows e-commerce entrepreneurs to use its features to post product information, prices, features, and customer reviews on their websites. The optimization of these websites through the T-appz appeals to mobile users because it allows them to access important information about their e-commerce businesses without access their desktop computers. Mobile technology has eased the process of accessing information on commerce websites.

The need to create a native app for e-commerce stores

T-appz is one of the best mobile applications because it provides users with a demo capability designed to suit the needs of mobile app developers. Companies and businesses looking to generate customer traffic and improve their sales and profit margins need to create a native app that markets their products and services. As the world turns to mobile technology, companies need to embrace the shift and invest in mobile apps such as T-appz and open source platforms such as Magento that support innovative mobile apps.  Native apps allow subscribers to the specific application to receive updates on new products and services launched by the e-commerce business through push notifications and email alerts. The benefits provided by native apps include;

  • Offline notifications to customers of the application
  • Easily downloaded from supported platforms such as Android and iOS
  • The fast and convenient transaction process
  • Efficiency in performance when in usage
  • Dashboard capabilities whereby companies get to see the customer traffic for their websites through the T-appz application

If you have an e-commerce business and you want to create a native mobile app then we suggest you request your free trial to discover how T-appz mobile application platform could benefit to your business. Additionally, find out comprehensive mobile commerce report which reveals how much revenue a mobile commerce app can generate via your current mobile traffic!

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