(English) 8 Must Have Mobile UX Features For Your Ecommerce Mobile App

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  1. Emily

    Hey there,

    Great article! I really enjoyed your post. Ecommerce mobile apps must be perfect to actually get users to convert, so I think the 8 UX tips you mentioned are spot on. I especially liked your point about using analytics.

    It’s important to use a variety of analytics to make sure your app is preforming well. I’d like to mention the distinction between traditional analytics tools such as GA, Flurry, Mixpanel versus qualitative analytics such as Appsee. The traditional analytics are very important to use to gather the general numerical data, but when you’re trying to make sure your UX is doing well this is when qualitative analytics is most useful. You can use touch heatmaps and user session recordings to see how users are actually interacting with your app. This way you can make sure that users are converting and there are no UX issues anywhere in your app.


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