Is your mobile website really enough for your business?

According to the researches that have been held show that a responsive m-commerce website is not enough to increase your visibility in mobile environment. You should also need a native m-commerce application which functions effectively on an Android or iOS mobile devices and seamlessly integrates to your e-commerce platform without wasting extra time and money. The researches also reveal that an application puts your brands and products at the center of business and marketing activities since its several effective functions that allows you touch your customers whenever you want. M-commerce apps have become the starting point of the customers even they want to shop in a brick-and-mortar. M-commerce apps are used not only for the shop online but also used as a catalogue of the physical store. Especially when they are on the way go to the shopping they use their their mobile app to see the price and the availability of the products in the physical store.


Mobile commerce application is one of the most effective customer loyalty tool which lays bridges between customers and the brand. According to researches, most of the loyal customers have more tendency to use an application when they are shopping online. They don’t look for other sites or brands to buy something all they do is to use their app to place an order on their smartphones. 78% of users said they would rather access their favorite shopping sites via a mobile app than through their mobile browsers. According to them shopping with a native application is much faster and more secure compare to the mobile sites.

Why you should have an app for your e-commerce store:

With the digitalization of the money, consumers don’t use money or credit card while they are shopping. Most of us don’t even carry wallet and prefer using smartphone to carry out all the transactions with our smartphones. We find the payment process is more practical and rapid than mobile website.

Native mobile application also gives you secure payment options with its special encrypted payment modules.  Thanks to native mcommerce application consumers receive automatically payment receipts as soon as they carry out the payment. One of the most important functions of an app is push notifications that allows you contact with your customers anytime you wish

To sum up, with t-appz mobile commerce platform you can get all these opportunities without any extra effort and money. From now on you can create your mcommerce apps in just five easy steps with our mobile platform. mobile m-commerce platform allows you to transform your e-commerce website into native m-commerce app. Having understood the opportunity of a native apps, more and more e-commerce websites have already started to this transformation to convert more sales on mobile channel.

To engage more and more mobile customers, all you have to do is visit and see the huge opportunity that we offer for your business.

t   Create Native M Commerce Apps for your store

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