How It Works



Create 100% Native M-commerce Apps for iOS & Android Smartphones & Tablets


Really smooth. Simple. Fast and for a real price. For Real.

No Cross platform involved!


1 – Match your ecommerce cart

Choose your cart from our list of 30+, or integrate with your own platform. Begin with entering your link to match up your e-commerce site with our system.


Now it’s time for the fun part.

2 – Let’s design!

Design your mobile store from the many alternatives we prepared for you. Choose how you want your home page and product listings to look for both iOS and Android.


Designing done?

3 – You’re almost ready

Preview your app on iOS and Android when designing is complete. If you like what you see, send yourself a test link to do a final check on your devices before you upload your app to the stores.



Fast set up

Choose your e-commerce cart from the pre-integrated cart list or review the documents to learn how to obtain and integrate your own API link.  When you match your system through the t-appz App Wizard, you are ready to start!

Design and Publish

Alternative design options perfected with our best practices & research. Choose, preview and wait for your test application to arrive while you get yourself a coffee. After you proceed with your final design, we take over to test your app for 100+ platforms for iOS and Android. When all is done, you’re ready to publish your app in the Apple Store and Google Play.


Monitor your apps

As soon as your app is in the market, you can start to monitor your store and app performance through our Real Time Store Monitoring. Through these strong analytic tools, you can track store rankings, review comments and improve your app’s status continuously.

Download and experience our sample application made with t-appz!

Can be found on iPhone, iPad, Android phone & tablet!



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