6 Ways PaaS Platforms Beat Custom App Development

6 Ways PaaS Platforms Beat Custom App Development

You’ve found yourself in the position many modern businesses are finding themselves:  you need an app for your e-commerce website. Having an app is an essential part of m-commerce and the best way of and making your product as accessible and as successful as possible.

Apps are inescapable and inevitable, they’ve been coming for a long time and they’re here to stay.

Everybody is buying things from their smartphones, so you better have a good app if you want to be part of the m-commerce boom.

But how to go about it?

Do you employ a team of software developers to spend six months, a year, two years to get your app off the ground? Or do you go with the easier, faster way that will get an app running within a time period as short as 6 weeks?


Time is king in the e-commerce world. You might have the best idea for an app or site but if you can’t get it off the ground in time, somebody else will have taken your place. So what’s it to be? Slow and steady or quick and competent?

Have a look at T-appz, it’s got everything you need, so why go anywhere else?

Still Not Convinced?

Check out the 6 reasons we think that a PaaS system is by far the best choice for you and your app development needs. For more of our entertaining info and opinions, check out our blog.

Wait, PaaS?

A quick word on PaaS: It means Platform as a Service. It’s what we do: we give you the platform to create your app and help you through it at every step of the way to your big new beautiful app.



As we mentioned earlier, time is king in the mad world of m-commerce. Get there quick or don’t get there at all,  to build a successful online presence and e-commerce platform you need to be employing the  economies of scale as soon as possible, and that means getting your app up and running pronto.

A PaaS system like T-appz is the fastest method for effective app development, and as the world of m-commerce is only speeding up, so you need to be at the head of the Revolution or you’ll find yourself up against the wall.

Road Testing

By having your app up and running as soon as possible, you can get to fixing bugs, and getting user test and usability data much faster than your custom app developer rivals.

Because it’s not just about getting your app up as fast, it’s also about getting your app as good as possible, as quickly as possible, this advantage of road testing during and after development wins again and again.

With a PaaS platform, you already have most of your features road tested and user proof, that work has already been done for you.


Because we’ve built these tools and tested them, and use them on large scales, we’ve already pruned out most of the bugs. Therefore, you are you can be confident that the platform you’re plugging into when you’re developing your app will give you a reliable product.

When you’re building a product from the ground up you incorporate an enormous amount of unknown problems, which can take a long time to identify and eliminate from the app. Not so with T-appz. It’s all already fixed.

Nobody is going to want to use your app if it doesn’t work, so with the vast majority of your app already proven to work, there is less work to do.

Cost Effectiveness

We keep coming back to time in this list, and there’s a good reason for that. Time is money as they say,   the more time you spend on something the more you spend on it as well. Compared to the 6 weeks to a few months time frame for getting an app developed with a Platform as a Service company like T-appz, customer development is always going to cost more.

In the past, the only way you could get a quality app was to get it developed by custom app developers, however with the advent of tools and platforms like the T-appz has developed, this is no longer true.

Knowing exactly how much you are going to pay for a service is a huge benefit to anybody trying to run a business. It lets you plan better and know exactly what you are getting for the money.

Cost overruns and unexpected bills are part of the custom app development service, but a PaaS gives you a monthly fee and all the services and support you need is inside that price.


Because I pass company is constantly developing tools and running platforms for a variety of clients, they keep all of their software and technology up to date, you will be the beneficiary of this as long as you pay their monthly fees. The T-appz blog makes keeping on top of changes and developments a breeze.


Small companies and startups can’t necessarily afford to employ many people to co-ordinate their app development, with a bespoke PaaS company the amount of time you need to put in to get your app running isn’t as big or costly.

Plenty of people getting into ecommerce and m-commerce can’t and don’t want to become IT experts, they’re happy to leave the development to an inexpensive, reliable service like T-appz, which is why we have so many large and small customers.

Feel free to go waste your money on getting your app custom developed, we’ll be right here when you realize T-appz is the way to go.

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